About Us

The Coleman Twinz LLC

Hello everyone! We’re The Coleman Twinz (Dana & Danielle Coleman)!

Growing up, our dad owned a business called Coleman Brothers Inc.! It was a towing and wrecker service! We always had plans of taking over the business!

When we went to school, we majored in Accounting so that we would have the tools needed to take over when the time came. Unfortunately, our freshman year of college, our dad passed away from a heart attack.

The desire to own a business never left us. But we always had an excuse. A few years ago we got into buying and selling planner supplies! We have a love for all things planner related! Stickers, pens, accessories you name it! We wanted to start our business then but we didn’t! (We’ll get planner supplies posted soon!)

Fast forward to 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic! Our passion became gardening and home improvement activities like landscaping! But we needed a mask to visit the stores! We spent TONS of money on masks that were less than desirable! Of course, nobody accepts returns on face masks! Eventually we resigned to the fact that disposable surgical masks would be our thing!

One week, our cousin offered to show us how to sew masks! She collected the supplies and materials from Jo-Ann’s and the rest is history! We spent two days learning from her! Keep in mind, we had never sewn a day in our lives! If friends and family placed a bet to guess how we’d spend the pandemic, they never would’ve guessed sewing!

After she taught us, we instantly developed a passion for sewing (we will include the fact that we find things we like...do the most..and never pick them up again)! That night we went on the search for fabric and sewing machines!

I guess you could say the rest is history! We went from zero to three sewing machines at one point. From 2-3 yards of fabric to the need for a new shelving system to store all our fabrics!

We love what we’re doing! We work during the day and sew by night! We think we finally found our niche! Also, it was just the motivation we needed to launch our business.

We thought about Coleman Sisters Inc. to be like our dad! But The Coleman Twinz LLC is a better representation of us and who we are!

So please, take a few moments, browse our shop and place your order! Each mask is truly a labor of love! If we don’t have something you want or you have a special request (sizes, designs, colors, etc.) just let us know! We’ll be glad to create a custom listing for you so to ensure you have a product that suits your needs!

Thanks for the support and happy shopping!

The Coleman Twinz LLC
-Dana & Danielle Coleman